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‘My name is Trude Peterson and I am a Kindergarten as well as a Yoga teachers. Although I had no children yoga training I taught my 4 to 6 year olds yoga. I never felt that my lessons were very good.’

I joined Femmy in Tanzania, where I live, for the children yoga teacher training. She gave my all the tools to teach children yoga. The course was very well structured, practical and fun, It really equipped me to be good children yoga teachers . Thank you so much Femmy’

About yoga for children

Parents and carers

Yoga is an ancient science from India. Nowadays people all over the world practice yoga for health benefits. The yoga postures have a beneficial effect on the physical body and balance the endocrine and nervous systems. Regular practice improves concentration and teaches how to cope with the ups and downs of life. Yoga strengthens the immune system and offers in this way protection against illness and increases resistance against the effects of stress.Yoga for children differs from yoga for adults. Children need to move, they like variety and love to try out new things. It is important to connect with their interest and level of development.  Some postures are not yet suitable for growing and developing bodies!
Children’s yoga is dynamic.

For children

In a yoga class children learn postures (physical dynamic movements) and breathing techniques. This enables healthy development and improves stamina, strength and flexibility.
Yoga for children is combined with play, stories and songs. The children are actively involved. They are encouraged to share their experiences. They learn about themselves, their bodies, their emotions, and feelings. They also learn about other children’s experiences and learn to listen to and respect others. They are encouraged to move freely and to sometimes be very still……

Yoga offers children techniques, which are vital for life. Once learned they have access to these forever. They are self-reliant and know how to cope with nervousness, tension, change, and all the ever-changing emotions, which we experience in our existence.

And best of all: it’s fun to do!

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