Download – Yoga Nidra 8-12 years old (English)

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Yoga Nidra 8-12 years old

Yoga nidra is a special practice. It is deep relaxation, meditation and healing in one. This is a Satyananda yoga nidra, made suitable for children. Femmy has trained extensively in this field. It is very important that yoga nidra’s are suitable for the age group. Adult yoga nidra’s are not suitable for children and teenagers. In this yoga nidra; after relaxing the body children listen to a visualisation.

It is said that yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep which makes the practice very suitable for children who have sleeping problems. But is benefits all children. It is recommended that parents practice with their children at first.

This download is a complete practice and should be done until the end, as grounding is very important.
The cost is €4,50.
Once payment is received the download will be available for you straight away.