Teacher training

Theme’s and contents of the course:

  • Physiology and Psychology of yoga for children
  • Practice of yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation techniques and other practices, which improve memory and concentration. Adapting these practices as well as yoga philosophy appropriately for children and teenagers. The focus is on learning to teach yoga in a creative and child friendly way.
  • Teaching meditation to children
  • Group work and discussion
  • Age groups, safety aspects, developmental stages, contra indications, special needs
  • Yoga in the classroom
  • Starting Kids yoga classes, practical aspects
  •  The use of (yoga) games, play, stories and music in yoga lessons for children

Duration of the course:  This intensive module is run over 7 days

Contact hours: 40 contact hours.  Teaching assessment.Ongoing assessment during the course.

Aim:  On completing the module graduates will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach creative yoga sessions for children aged between 3 and 18 years old.

Assessment:  A certificate ‘KIDSYOGA teacher – yoga for children will be given those who successfully complete the module.

Who can apply:  Yoga teachers and trainee teachers of all yoga traditions. Schoolteachers, therapists and others are also encouraged to apply, provided they have a background in yoga. Participants are expected to have a strong commitment to offering high quality children’s yoga classes.

This module is based on: ‘Teaching yoga to Children’ from the British wheel of yoga as developed by swami Vedantananda Saraswati. (See www.vedantananda.com) Femmy Brug was trained in England by Vedantananda Saraswati, a Yogacharya in the Satyananda tradition. The module has been further developed by Femmy for KIDSYOGA.

Femmy Brug holds a degree in child development and worked for many years as a social worker in child and family teams. She trained as a yoga teacher in England and subsequently completed the British wheel of yoga module “teaching yoga to children” with swami Vedantananda Saraswati.  Femmy moved to Holland in 2000 and was invited by Vedantananda to follow a ‘Train the trainers’ course to learn to teach the module. This makes her one of the very few children’s yoga TTC providers, who have actually been trained to teach teachers.

Since then she has developed training courses for schoolteachers to implement yoga in the classroom, she runs courses for people to become children’s yoga teachers and is the author of  three books: “yoga for kids and teens”,  ” meditation for children and teenagers” and “Mindfulness& yoga in the classroom”, all published in Dutch.

Femmy has continued her professional development with studies in England, Portugal and India. Femmy is a qualified Satyananda yoga teacher.

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‘Femmy’s teachers training has been a great experience to further deepen my knowledge about children’s yoga.’
‘The course was very comprehensible and well composed, with a lot of variety, including games, songs, drawing, colouring etc. All the aspects of yoga for children were discussed in detail like physiological and psychological aspects, asanas, pranayama, relaxation techniques and practices to improve concentration and memory. Even developmental stages, special needs, yoga in the classroom, and ethical and practical aspects of setting up a yoga class, were discussed during the training.The energy and atmosphere in the group was great, with 5 different nationalities! I am looking forward to use all the different tools we received during the training in my next children’s yoga class.’
‘Femmy’s sparkling, energetic and lovely personality added to the training being a wonderful experience for all attendants! Marion Scheltema’

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