Yoga in schools

“A child who is able to concentrate is a happy child” Maria Montessori

Kidsyoga is strongly committed to introducing and developing yoga in schools.

Lessons for children and teenagers: specific lessons can be offered in English for international schools. Please email or phone to inquire.

Teaching yoga in schools: workshops for schoolteachers and yoga teachers to introduce specific yoga techniques into the education system. This is not a yoga teacher training but will focus on specific short interventions in the classroom. Helpful postures, breathing practices, concentration techniques and relaxation techniques.  

Many of these are easily done in the classroom and will help children to:
•    Develop and maintain good posture
•    Develop flexibility and strength
•    Develop concentration and memory
•    Develop emotional stability through breath awareness
•    Develop relaxation and visualisation.

With the current issues of unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, bulling and behaviour problems, yoga is more relevant than ever. Teachers can learn how to positively influence the atmosphere and energy in the group.

The workshops introduce the use of play, story, poetry and song in conjunction with yoga techniques so the children are motivated and interested, it’s fun and useful for the teacher and it will enhance learning and a positive learning environment.
A useful handout accompanies the workshop.  

Femmy is available to teach workshops in English in the Netherlands or abroad.